Short rules summary for airplane race:

Requirements for aircraft:

  • Any flying device with aerodynamic surfaces. Any number of motors, servos, aerodynamic surfaces
  • Airplane shoud fit into 1.5m diameter circle. Maximum weight (AUW) – 1kg, maximum power (combined) – 1KW, max voltage – 4S LiPo (incl. LiHV)
  • Any popular control/video frequency (433/868MHz, 1.2/2.4/5.8G). Power below 1W, frequencies which directly interfere with other services are prohibited (for example 1080MHz – kills ADS-B; also have in mind GSM). If you are using some exotic frequency – have video-out (RCA) on your equipment for spectators
  • Direct control, gyro, auto-level (any, you can fly without FC at all) modes for control. Autonomous flight is prohibited, except RTH for emergency (not required, but recommended)
  • Any amount of airplanes, pilots can change airplanes without limitations between flights

Track rules:

  • Pilots will be divided in groups, 3-4 pilots each (another group is working as spectators). Each pilot is starting with 30s delay one from another, total flight time for each pilot – 10 minutes
  • Landing is done in separate area, after time ends – pilots have 5 minutes to land, clear pilot zone, power-off equipment. Bringing powered devices into pilots zone (even if it’s your time to fly) is prohibited, high-power RF equipment disturbs video feed for other pilots
  • Pilot task – fly around/over/recognize as many objects as possible. Pilots gets fixed amount of points:
    • Flags (or group of flags, positioned for visibility): 10 points
    • Gates (~5m wide, also marked with flags from sides): 15 points
    • Number recognition: 38 points (there will be 2 objects on track, ~1x1m overall dimensions with numbers displayed. Numbers will change every 10 seconds, pilots should tell which number is displayed. Pilots have only one chance to tell this number, but they can fly around object many times, if they want)
    • You can skip object recognition (still need to fly over it) and will get 0 points. For skipping flags or gates – you won’t get points for it and next 2 objects in track
  • Each group can fly 3 times, then pilots will be re-grouped based on RF/points and they will fly slightly different track (for example, flags will be moved or track will be in reverse) 2 times
  • Each pilot has 12 points, which he can give to at least three other pilots for innovations/fun factor/aircraft look in any way (for example,  4+4+4, or 9+1+1+1)
  • Total amount of points will be calculated. If difference between top-3 pilots is less than 11 points – there will be one more race between them
  • There will be „freestyle” type show-off after race. Anything (not counting safety/clear airspace violations) is allowed (high-speed pass, 3D acro, smoke bombs..), judges will be three other pilots (not participating in freestyle). Only airplanes from race can be used (no special aircrafts for show-off), this must be the same airplane which was flying in track at least once

Safety disclaimer and notes:

  • Max altitude – 100m. Do not try to hit others pilot flying in track (but no penalty points for accidental collision)
  • Bright LED’s, bright colors on airplane and DVR are a nice bonus.
  • Do not fly over spectator/pilot/judge zone. You have enough space to fly around
  • In case of need – fire extinguisher and first aid kit will be near the judges table
  • We hope that any disagreements between the participants will be resolved peacefully. In an arguable situation – organizers word is final and not subject to appeal
  • In case where rules differ between EN and LT versions – LT version takes precedence

Links (use google translate?):

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