2016 season, second race – location details

You can find detailed description here: http://fpv.team/trasos-schema-2016-2/ (yes, it’s only few kilometers from Latvia border 😉

If you need place to sleep (not tent – but only empty building, not hotel) or want hot meals (approx. 5€/person) – note that in registration form or just drop note at pilots@fpv.team.

Short video from actual race location (no gates or flags… Yet):

2016 season second race – date

Finally, we can confirm the final event date – 07.23-24 (weekend). Book this weekend on your calendar, plan your vacation and have least one copter ready
Reserve entire weekend – we decide about Saturday or Sunday only few days before race (weather!).
In any case, saturday evening will be reserved for FPV party – night flying, discussing various things, singing and so on.
If race will be held on Sunday – then pilots arriving on Saturday will have a chance to test track earlier (and, of course, have fun at evening together); in case we will be racing on Saturday – then you can have “free program” on Sunday (depends on weather), so – plan time for entire weekend.

We also decided about final race location – just need to resolve few organizational questions before publishing it. Please, wait a week…
(Few additional photos from real race location here: G + group )

Important change – Team Standings

We have one important change in our racing rules – “Team Standings”.

Most pilots are already part of some team, so we added team score. How it works:

  • decide how many members you have in team
  • publish member list somewhere in internet (needs to be accessible without registration – separate page, G+ public post, FB public post – everything works)
  • decide who will fly for team and for which class (you can have different pilots for each class if your team wants) – at least 2 members/class (other team members can fly as before, but their score won’t go into class score)
  • go fly – we will calculate score!

Further reading: rules, section “Team Standings”.

The second 2016 LT-FPV minicopter race

We will host another minicopter race in Lithuania, estimated date is 07.23-24 (not final), registration will be open in a week, rules and location will be updated in a month. Some important changes compared to previous race event:

  • Race event will last one day – saturday or sunday, but we will have late night party independent from weather, so you can reserve entire weekend anyway
  • Max power on 5.8G band – 25mW. You have enough time to buy another VTX if you do not have one, don’t wait until last day
  • Only three classes (PRO, MINI and Freestyle), OPEN class gone (to save time – need to fit everything into one day)
  • We will completely re-work track. It will be bigger and have flags on turns (to keep close to FAI requirements). Track will be faster for pros and easier for newbies

The first LT-FPV minicopter race

The first race of FPV minicopters LT-FPV team is planning to hold in the second half of May, 2016. As preparatory and organizational work is being held – all those who wish to participate are asked to register and read the provisional rules. This will not be an international race event so only the basic information will be provided in English language but all the guests from other countries are welcome to participate.