• Transponders will be given to participants before each stage along with the frequency instructions and permission to fly.
  • Most of the transponders will have double IR-LED, illuminated from side to side, with a fixed ID. They should be mounted across the minicopter. If we run out them – the remaining players will receive one IR-LED transponders, with replaceable ID (weight and dimensions are very similar).
  • Mass per unit – 2,9g, dimensions – 45*10*8mm:
    2016-2/3 race transponders will be slightly different – mass 4.8g/each and slightly bigger (for protection and easier mounting):
  • You can also use own transponders (for example, for weight saving purposes – transponders can be built below 0.5g), coordinate ID’s according to ID table.
  • Participant is required to mount transponder by himself. Mounting options – across minicopter between the camera and the battery like this:
    Can be mounted in any other place, it is important to avoid the first point of impact if you would crash or slam into something (broken / lost transponder – 25 €).
    At the bottom of transponder is a Velcro strip, in addition we recommend to use Rovaflex Softbinder piece or a Velcro strip. Also can be used “zips” (zip ties), but you need to take care of additional padding.
  • Power supply – one 3-pin servo connector, 5V. Required constant current – ~80mA, and ~120mA in short peaks. If wire is long enough, can be connected to the controller available pins. If not – prepare one for this type of connection (required only “+” and “-” – black and red wires):

Timing system

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